Accountant male: age fifties. Absolute dread of public speaking. Palpitations and perspiration even at the thought of speaking at monthly meetings. Problem gone, happy, enjoying life.

Accountant male: age forties. Even worse than the above case. Spent three weeks each month in progressively debilitating fear of speaking at monthly meetings. No relief after meeting because he was exhausted for a week after the meetings. This lasted for 12 years and he considered resigning from his job. He didn't have to because his problem was successfully dealt with.

Smoker male: 60 a day habit. Still smoke free 28 years later.

Smoker male: now fifty-two . Still smoke free 22 years later.

Male age: twenties. Had to travel home from central Europe by boat and train because he was terrfied to fly back, this continued for years. Happy to get a postcard from him after therapy, delighted to be in North America after his flight.

Lady age: thirty-five. terrified of taking driving test. Passed test confidently after therapy.

Lady age: thirties, terrified of flying. Now flies and has taken her children to Florida on holiday.

Lady age: forties, marriage never consumated and unable to have intercourse with her husband even after many years of marriage. Now they are able to experience total pleasure and the problem is gone. They are very happy.